Laser Tattoo Removal F.A.Q

On this page, you will find all of the answers to your Laser Tattoo Removal questions. Jim has been trained and certified by the best experts in Canada.

What is PicoWay?

PicoWay is an advanced laser technology produced by Syneron Candela and used primarily to remove unwanted tattoos. As Canada’s leading tattoo removal technology and the premiere alternative to traditional laser tattoo removal, the PicoWay has both fractional and non-fractional capabilities with three different wavelengths to treat all tattoo colours and types: 532nm, 785nm and 1064nm. Approved by Health Canada and released in late 2016, PicoWay has already taken the world of tattoo removal by storm.

How does the PicoWay laser work to remove my tattoo?

Your certified laser operator selects colour specific energy in the form of short pulses of light energy to break up the tattoo ink particles just under the skin. The laser locks onto chromophores, or cells with pigment, the energy pulverizes the large ink molecules into minuscule particles, leaving your natural skin untouched. Those pulverized molecules are naturally removed by your body’s lymphatic system.

This natural process takes time, that’s why treatments are spaced out six to eight weeks. The laser works two ways to achieve this: the ink molecules absorb the energy and shatter; and the ultra-quick pulse of energy causes the joined molecules to break like a sandcastle. After the molecule is broken, the body will respond by sending fluid to the area to flush the ink particles away (hence the slight swelling and redness after treatment). This will dissipate over the next few days but the lymph system will keep working for the next two months before your next treatment.

Why is PicoWay better than other tattoo removal options?

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, PicoWay laser can remove your tattoo in fewer treatments, with minimal discomfort, and gives a better result with minimized risk. The PicoWay laser delivers energy to the targeted area in super-short, fast pulses measured in picoseconds—one trillionth of a second. With this advanced tattoo removal technology 96% of patients’ unwanted tattoos had good to complete clearance.

Are PicoWay tattoo removal sessions painful?

PicoWay offers the most comfortable tattoo removal treatment on the market. Because of its short pulses—measured in picoseconds, or one billionth of a second—it is able to break up ink particles faster and cause much less discomfort than other traditional tattoo removal technologies. Most of the patients at Unthink Inc. say that the laser treatments are comparable to having the tattoo applied. With the advanced technology, discomfort is reduced to similar to the feeling of an elastic band snapping. Fortunately, the amount of heat has been reduced significantly which helps also the process be comfortable. We offer additional prescription-strength topical anesthetic as well we use the Zimmer Cryo Aircooler to blow very cool air on the treatment site to alleviate minor pain during the treatment.

What can I expect during my first appointment at Unthink Inc.?

For any new Unthink Inc. client, we require you meet for a consultation which will help better inform you of all aspects of your PicoWay laser tattoo removal sessions (informed consent is required before your treatment begins). Treatment can begin after consultation meetings or even on the same day. Each treatment begins with topical freezing (if you choose) or skin prep. We will also use the Zimmer Cryo 6 skin air-cooler to help manage any discomfort. The laser is specifically set to meet the needs of your unique tattoo and might change depending on the color of ink to be removed during that treatment. Following your treatment, a post-care treatment plan will be explained (and also text or emailed to you) and you will be provided with an Unthink Inc. Post Treatment Kit free of charge. If you should have any questions or concerns between appointments, a direct post-treatment care phone number will be provided for your use.

Who’s actually performing my treatment?

At Unthink Inc., you are guaranteed a highly qualified laser expert performing all your sessions. Founder and owner of Unthink Inc., Jim Trenholm, is a Registered Nurse with the Canadian Nursing Organization. Jim is a highly trained, experienced and fully certified laser operator with 27 years of emergency and surgical clinical nursing experience. Laser tattoo removal is a complex procedure that requires specific knowledge, experience, and training. All of which Jim possesses. Laser tattoo removal is not required in Canada, according to the Federal Government of Canada or Health Canada, to be performed by a physician, and tattoo removal is not taught in medical school. However, tattoo removal should be performed by an experienced medical professional.

How many sessions will I need?

With PicoWay, patients can expect to see noticeable results after one treatment. Using our advanced laser technology, generally, only five to six treatments are needed to remove some tattoos. The unique duration of your tattoo removal process depends on a few individualized factors: the depth, amount, type and colour of the ink; your skin type; the tattoo’s location on your body; and state of your health. We use the industry-standard Fitzpatrick Skin Scale and the Kirby-Desai Scale to determine the anticipated duration of your treatment. Following your post-care instructions is key to avoiding delays and staying on track with your tattoo removal timeline. Schedule a free consultation with us today to determine how many PicoWay sessions are expected for your tattoo.

Does PicoWay work on all ink colours/skin tones?

Yes, PicoWay is able to remove unwanted ink of all colours, and remove tattoos from all skin types. Until now, there hasn’t been one laser that can remove tattoos of colours on all skin types from the lightest to darkest pigmentation. Leading laser removal technologies often find difficulty removing light blues and yellows, and darker skin tones are more susceptible to discomfort and scarring. With Syneron Candela’s advanced picosecond technology, your skin is exposed to less heat energy absorbed by your body reducing the intense sunburn feeling found after other technologies.

I started tattoo removal before and stopped because it hurt. Can Unthink Inc. help?

Some of our clients have previously undergone tattoo removal treatments at other establishments and stopped due to the discomfort, lack of promised results, or cost. At Unthink Inc., we can finish your tattoo removal efficiently and more comfortably—no matter the state. We will remove all your removable ink but we cannot remove existing scarring.

Can Unthink Inc. treat cover-up tattoos?

If you have had an old tattoo covered up with more ink, we can help. Although there are more layers of ink to work through and the process might be elongated, Unthink Inc.’s experts and PicoWay laser have the capability to remove both your original tattoo and your cover-up ink.

Will there be any scarring after my tattoo removal?

New technology has significantly reduced any chance of scarring after tattoo removal. The energy pulse is so quick that photothermal heat does not have a chance to accumulate under the skin. PicoWay laser uses mainly photoacoustic or light and vibration energy, to shatter the ink molecules. Redness, swelling, blistering, and scabbing will occur and is your body’s natural process of healing. The laser light energy selectively targets the ink molecules and bypasses the surrounding skin. Scarring occurs in a small percentage of PicoWay tattoo removal patients and is seen more in patients with a predisposition for keloid or hypertrophic scarring or predisposition for adverse scarring.

Does the location of my tattoo have anything to do with the cost of removal?

The location of your tattoo has a significant impact when determining the duration of your treatments. The closer to your chest the better the circulation, therefore, the faster the clearance of ink—this is due to the fact that your blood circulation has a direct impact on how well your lymph system works. Your specific tattoo removal starts with the size of your tattoo. The duration of treatments or the number of sessions to complete your tattoo removal is estimated by many other factors. All of these variables that are unique to you will be discussed during your free consultation.

Does insurance cover any of my treatments?

There are only very specific circumstances where insurance or Revenue Canada will cover any of the expenses of tattoo removal. The specific circumstances are regarding medical tattoos; radiation and chemotherapy. However, Unthink Inc. has extremely competitive pricing offering three budget-friendly payment plans and periodically offers discounts if you join our email list or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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