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Laser Tattoo Removal Success Stories

At Unthink Inc., we use the Syneron Candela advanced PicoWay laser technology to safely remove tattoos in fewer treatments with minimal discomfort. PicoWay is the leading laser tattoo removal technology in Canada, trusted by thousands of skin care professionals across North America.

Founded in August 2017, Unthink Inc. strives to be your easy and logical answer to your laser tattoo removal needs. When choosing Unthink Inc. you are choosing a highly professional and fully certified laser operator and Registered Nurse of over 27 years. As PicoWay and laser tattoo removal as our main priority, you will never cover the cost for other lasers and medical equipment you do not need thus keeping our pricing reasonable. At Unthink Inc., you can be assured that only the size of the tattoo determines the per treatment cost and all costs are clearly communicated upfront.

Experienced With Laser Tattoo Removal

Jim is highly experienced and a fully certified laser operator with over 27 years of emergency and clinical nursing experience. With his down to earth personality and experience in the medical field, Jim ensures you are completely informed during the entirety of your experience at Unthink Inc. and prides himself on being available seven days a week for post-treatment support.

Better Laser Tattoo Removal Results

PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal After unthink inc
PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal After unthink inc

Laser Tattoo Removal Videos

Bienka’s Laser Tattoo Removal Transformation

Bienka of Uncover U Lasers had her first tattoo removal session with Jim at Unthink Inc. Regretting her 17-year-old self tattoo decision in the lower region, Bienka was anxious to begin the process.

Unthink Inc. Foot Laser Tattoo Removal

Don’t live with a regrettable tattoo forever, let Unthink Inc. zap it away. With our advanced PicoWay laser we can remove your unwanted ink in as little as six sessions.

Unthink Inc. Finger Laser Tattoo Removal

Within the last decade or so, finger tattoos have become popular once again, in large part due to an influx of celebrities with ink on their digits. Although they may seem like a fun, small way to add some ink to your life, they’re not always what they’re cracked up to be. 

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Laser Tattoo Removal in Ajax


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