Marijuana and Your Laser Tattoo Removal

It’s now legal but is cannabis safe to use when undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment?

Tattoo artists often caution against drinking alcohol or consuming any blood thinning substance before getting a tattoo or heading to your laser tattoo removal treatment; however, the jury seems to still be out regarding smoking marijuana.

As marijuana was only recently legalized in Canada, there isn’t much research available on the subject.

Unthink Inc.’s Take on Cannabis and Your Laser Tattoo Removal Process

  • Transportation to and from your laser tattoo removal treatments (or anywhere) should never be under the influence.
  • Smoking cigarettes during your laser tattoo removal process can slow the body’s ability to properly dispose of the ink. Smoking actually causes harm to your blood cells, it constricts the blood vessel and restricts flow, hence why it is a risk for arteriosclerosis (the narrowing of arteries). Smoking impacts the blood vessels and the immune system, which laser tattoo removal heavily depends on. Although there isn’t research yet to support, the same conclusions could be drawn for marijuana. Your body removes the tattoo, not the laser—ensure its in the best condition to do so.
  • THC makes you labile. During the laser tattoo removal process we encourage exercise to stimulate circulation and encourage optimal lymphatic drainage. If marijuana is being used, extra effort is needed to counteract the urge to be sedentary.

Tattoo removal treatments at Unthink Inc. are performed with one of the most advanced lasers currently on the market by Syneron Candela. The technology allows for safe and effective removal of all ink colours and on all skin tones; therefore concerns are not high (no pun intended).

For more information about marijuana and your laser tattoo removal, contact our team today.

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