Q-switched lasers are just as obsolete as cassettes tapes!

Gone are the days of old methods of tattoo removal, outdated nanosecond lasers are now replaced by a much superior technology, the Picoway laser.

In the old days, tattoo removal was slow, painful and not for every client. Before that, let’s face it, removal was rather medieval. Blasting ink molecules with heat to pulverize large unwanted tattoos is a thing of the past (yes that is basically how it was done).

Laser removal has come along way since the old Q-switch technology. A kinder, gentler more effective technology has come along—Photoacoustic laser energy.

Unthink Inc., in Ajax, Ontario, uses the most technologically advanced laser tattoo removal available. The PicoWay Laser, by Syneron Candela.

Why Make The Change To This New Method?

You wouldn’t listen to your favorite new track on a cassette tape. Nor would you submit a resume from a typewriter. So if you are frustrated with a lack of results or even have given up after several Qswitch treatments, we suggest you come and see what the PicoWay laser can do for you.

A few key points about the PicoWay laser that makes it stand apart:

  • Removes unwanted ink in fewer treatments than the Q-Switch
  • Much less discomfort to the client
  • There is minimized risk, as energy is delivered only to the targeted area leaving surrounding tissue unharmed
  • Pulses are delivered in ultra short, ultra-fast pulses (picoseconds at a time).
  • After the pulses shatter the ink particles, the body is able to eliminate it naturally as waste
  • There are three wavelengths, therefore all colours can be targeted
  • Less downtime and less aftercare

Clients are overall getting better results, faster and with less downtime and less aftercare needed.

More on the History

As reported in our article, “PicoWay Vs. Q-Switched Lasers” back in August 2016, nanosecond lasers were starting to become superseded by the latest picosecond lasers. However, there has been some false starts by the first-generation systems like the PicoSure.

A few years ago, manufacturers were trying to discredit the picosecond technology saying that picosecond laser was no more effective than nanosecond lasers. The real reason why they were saying this was because they didn’t yet have a picosecond in their range. Now, all the same, manufacturers are only promoting their picosecond systems and have stopped the development of nanosecond lasers!

“Anything in technology only logically progresses. To put into perspective, the picosecond laser is like the digital phone and nanosecond laser is like the analog phone.”

Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal—faster, better results, less downtime, less aftercare.

At Unthink Inc., we can fade, alter or remove your tattoo even if you started somewhere else. Witness this client’s satisfaction after months of frustration and doubt. In just one treatment examine the vast clearance with improved technology.

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