Unthink Inc Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic  in Ajax

Founded in August 2017, Unthink Inc. strives to be your easy and logical answer to your tattoo removal needs.

When choosing Unthink Inc. you are choosing a highly professional and fully certified laser operator and Registered Nurse of over 27 years. As PicoWay and tattoo removal as our main priority, you will never cover the cost for other lasers and medical equipment you do not need thus keeping our pricing reasonable. At Unthink Inc., you can be assured that only the size of the tattoo determines the per treatment cost and all costs are clearly communicated upfront. Your experience with Unthink Inc. does not end after each treatment session—your care is not over until all your removable ink is gone.

The Man Behind the Laser

Jim is a highly experienced and fully certified laser operator with 27 years of emergency and clinical nursing experience. He has specialized in Emergency Nursing in Southern Ontario, practicing in such renowned hospitals as Toronto East General, Wellesley Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Health Center. Jim has also worked as a Hospital Intake Coordinator for Metro CCAC and most recently, Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

Specializing in returning paediatric patients to their own homes to conveles. Jim returned to Emergency Nursing, finishing his hospital practice at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in the ER and Trauma Unit. Jim was then recruited to private practice and has worked as an anesthesia tech for the last decade working for two local leaders in Oral Surgery with Intravenous Sedation.

Jim now wants to expand his clinical experience to improve the self-confidence of his clients who wish to remove unwanted tattoos. With his down to earth personality and experience in the medical field, Jim ensures you are completely informed during the entirety of your experience at Unthink Inc. and prides himself on being available seven days a week for post-treatment support.

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Unthink Inc. Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation

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