laser tattoo removed skin

Can You Tattoo Over Laser Tattoo Removed Skin?

Sometimes, people want to remove a tattoo, in order to get a new one to replace it. Is this possible to do?

laser tattoo removed skin

At Unthink Inc, we fade a ton of tattoos in order for our clients to get an amazing cover-up job. 

However, sometimes, our clients don’t even have an idea of what their new tattoo (or cover up job will be), but they fade it in order to have the freedom to get an amazing cover up job done. As long as the healing process has finished (i.e. ink removing itself through the lymphatic system), your tattoo will be ready for cover up with ease. 

Also, removing a tattoo with laser tattoo removal has a lot to do with your immune system. For more information on your immune system and laser tattoo removal, please click here

Here is some information and reasons as to why fading a tattoo with laser tattoo removal is the best route to take before a tattoo cover up session with your tattoo artist:

What laser is best for fading a tattoo?

The process and science of photoacoustic laser technology doesn’t damage the surface of the skin, unlike lasers that use heat and the photothermal effect. This makes it easy for re-do or cover up on the targeted area/removal site. The PicoWay laser that we use here at Unthink Inc, uses the photoacoustic laser technology effect, which ensures that skin irritations such as burning, redness or damage to the pigment of the skin does not happen. These irritations happen very often with lasers that use the photothermal effect, which is not a good option, especially to prepare for a cover up job. The PicoWay laser is the most advanced laser tattoo removal system on the market, and for good reasons.

To read more about PicoWay and why it is the best laser tattoo removal system, please click here.

How long or how many sessions will I need to fade a tattoo for cover up?

Depending on the size, ink and area on the body, it varies with how many sessions you will need to fade a tattoo for cover up. For example, tribal tattoos may need more sessions than a shaded rose, as the tribal tattoo uses dark ink and the lines are thick. It is best to speak with the technician as well as your tattoo artist to get a better idea of how long it will take to suitably fade a tattoo for cover up. You may start the cover up process 3 months after your tattoo removal session(s). This will ensure that your skin has completely healed and will be in the best shape.

Why can’t I just cover up the tattoo without laser tattoo removal?

It is highly recommended to fade a tattoo with laser tattoo removal prior to a cover up because it will ensure that your unwanted tattoo does not seep through the surface of your cover up. For example, let’s say you covered up a tattoo with another tattoo without fading the unwanted ink, there is a big chance that you will still see the unwanted tattoo, even with the cover up. Furthermore, you see that it actually looks worse than before the cover up and you want to laser remove the entire tattoo at this point. Due to the fact that there is a lot more ink on the skin, it will take way more sessions to remove the unwanted ink and the cover up tattoo than it would if you were to just fade it in the first place. Fading the tattoo prior to cover up will save you a lot of time, energy, and money!

To begin your journey fading a tattoo for cover up, here in Ajax, Ontario, please contact us to book your free consultation.

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