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Donating Blood During Laser Tattoo Removal

At Unthink Inc., we know how important it is to donate blood, and the many lives that this thoughtless act can save. We wouldn’t want to see any of our clients who have recently removed their tattoos to see any skewed results, due to the donation of blood. During the planning stages of your laser tattoo removal treatments, be sure to think ahead and plan around any donation times.

The PicoWay laser,  by Syneron Candela as you may already know will help get your skin back to its original state and become ink free, in the most effective and efficient way possible. What it won’t do, and is not expected to, is prevent your open wounds from bacteria or the potential for infection. This is something that you may risk getting any laser treatment.

If the skin that has been treated by the laser technology blisters, or creates a break in the skin, the risk of bacteria entering your open wound is much higher. This is something that you must be aware of when you are thinking about giving blood.

The Canadian Red Cross has confirmed with Unthink Inc. that donating blood after getting a tattoo removed, that may have an open wound is not recommended. Open wounds can have bacteria or infections that travel to the blood, making the blood unusable. Not only infection, but other types of illnesses can also arise from the bacteria that is carried in the blood and therefore can be transmitted to another patient when blood is donated.

With that being said, the chances of getting infection are very low when a wound is taken care of immediately. At Unthink Inc. we take the utmost care of our patients and eliminate any risk of infection within our clinic. It is up to our patients to ensure that care is being taken once you leave the clinic, and thus making the smart decision when deciding to donate blood. We recommend waiting until the wound is completely healed, and free of any irregularity before donating blood.
For more information on the best timing for your laser tattoo removal treatment, contact us and we will plan your treatments with the timing that is right for you.

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