Don’t Live In Tattoo Regret Toronto!

Considering laser tattoo removal to get rid of an unwanted tattoo? We are giving you the rundown as to why you should come to Unthink Inc for all things laser tattoo removal!

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area or surrounding neighborhoods or cities and are looking for the best in laser tattoo removal—look no further than Unthink Inc. 

Founded in 2017 by Jim Trenholm, Unthink Inc. strives to be the easiest, straight forward, and logical answer to your tattoo removal needs. If you are an avid reader of our blogs or follow us on social media, you may know about the revolutionary technology that we use here at Unthink Inc.

It is called the PicoWay laser, by laser technology leaders, Syneron Candela. In addition to this technology, the man behind the laser, Jim Trenholm, is highly educated and experienced both in the medical field and the use of lasers for tattoo removal. Now, if you don’t know or haven’t heard…we are here to share why Unthink Inc, is quickly becoming the leading clinic in the Greater Toronto area for laser tattoo removal, and why you should see Jim when considering removing an unwanted tattoo.

But first, what exactly is the PicoWay Laser?

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal lasers, PicoWay removes your unwanted ink in fewer treatments with less discomfort. This, in turn, provides better results with minimized risk to the patient. The PicoWay laser delivers energy to the targeted area in very short, fast pulses, about 300-500 picoseconds at a time. 

Let’s put that into perspective…

One picosecond is one-trillionth of a second. These pulses shatter the targeted ink into pieces so tiny, the body can then eliminate them through its natural processes – specifically through the lymphatic system which is connected to our immune system. 

With both fractional and non-fractional capabilities, the PicoWay laser now has three wavelengths for optimal results: 532nm, 785nm and 1064nm. In the past, lasers were only able to deliver pulses measured in nanoseconds or one billionth of a second but because of PicoWay’s advanced picosecond technology and varied wavelengths, our clients get better results, faster and with less downtime.

PicoWay does not use any heat, which is great for those with various skin tones, types, and even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

So What Makes Unthink Inc. So Unique?

When choosing Unthink Inc. you are choosing a highly professional and fully certified laser operator and Registered Nurse of over 29 years. The PicoWay laser and tattoo removal is Unthink’s main priority. 

At our clinic, we ensure that we provide our customers with straight forward pricing, which in turn do not confuse or discourage our clients. Only the size of the tattoo determines the per treatment cost and all costs are clearly communicated upfront. Your experience with Unthink Inc. does not end after each treatment session—your care is not over until all your removable ink is gone.

Jim Trenholm: The Man Behind The Laser & Why Clients Want to Work With Him

Jim Trenholm, Owner, and operator of Unthink Inc. has been a registered nurse for 29 years and has experience working with patients of all ages and backgrounds. 

That in itself is a unique feature and makes clients extremely comfortable to have someone working on their skin and has an astute medical and patient background. 

He brings 29 years of emergency and clinical nursing experience. He has specialized in Emergency Nursing in Southern Ontario, practicing in such renown hospitals as Toronto East General, Wellesley Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Center. Jim has also worked as a Hospital Intake Coordinator for Metro CCAC and most recently, Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

Jim has also specialized in returning pediatric patients to their own homes. He then returned to Emergency Nursing, finishing his hospital practice at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in the ER and Trauma Unit. It was then, Jim was recruited to private practice and worked as an anesthesia tech for a decade. This then led to an interest in laser technology and working to help people remove things they no longer want in their life.

Enter laser tattoo removal.

How did Jim find an interest in laser tattoo removal?

While working as an anesthetic nurse, Jim was convinced by his superiors to find something for himself. Jim contemplated many different avenues including opening a nursing agency and selling medical equipment, but none of them seemed to click for him.

Although Jim has no tattoos himself, he has always been fascinated with tattoos. One day while watching a television show about tattoo disasters, one of the tattoo artists was telling the customer that they should consider fading their tattoo with laser tattoo removal before going through with a cover-up job. At that point, a light bulb went off for Jim, and he finally found his calling. 

Jim did his due diligence and researched thoroughly before purchasing a laser, and after months and months of weighing out his options, he decided to go with PicoWay, which is undoubtedly the best and most effective laser tattoo removal device on the market.

A Technician That Cares

Jim has now expanded his expertise to improve the self-confidence of his clients who wish to remove unwanted tattoos. With his down to earth personality and experience in the medical field, Jim ensures you are completely informed during the entirety of your experience at Unthink Inc. and prides himself on being available seven days a week for post-treatment support.

Furthermore, his clients and potential clients can email him questions and he is always responsive. He cares that much!

On a more personal level, Jim has been married for ten years, has one son, and an adorable Bernese mountain dog named Jameson.

With Jim Trenholm’s expertise and the power of PicoWay, you can rest assured that you are in good hands at Unthink Inc. No matter what the size, colour, or message that your unwanted tattoo is conveying, Jim prides himself in offering a no judgment and relaxing atmosphere for all of his patients.

Book your free consultation with Jim at Unthink Inc., today to fade, alter, or remove your unwanted tattoo!

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