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From a Moth To Butterfly

Tattoos fade and lose their vibrant colours over time. The reverse of a moth to a butterfly, however, laser tattoo removal can help.

Chrysalis—the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It’s meant to be a beautiful transition, a coming of something more beautiful than what was there before, something you want to continue to look at. However…as your tattoo fades, it is often the reverse of this description, isn’t it. In fact, one may say it’s more like going, “from a beautiful butterfly to a tired old moth.”

That may sound harsh, but as your tattoo’s colours and vibrancy fades over time, it loses its appeal, in some cases.

Sound familiar?

We can help. 

What is Happening With Your Tattoo?

When you get your tattoo, the lines are sharp, and the vibrant colors that appear to pop out. 

Now, fast forward 10 years plus.

Your body starts to recognize your new ink as a foreign body. In comes your body’s SWAT team to remove the threat. Your immune and lymphatic systems recognize the tattoo ink as a foreign invader. Since those systems are the guardians and the sewer system of your body they jump into action the minute you get your new tattoo.

Over time, your body tries to eliminate your tattoo but the particles are too large to do any real clearance. This is why the colours start to fade and the lines are less defined. The tattoo starts to dull and look lackluster.

How Can We Help?

In comes Unthink Inc to help your body. We have helped a lot of clients selectively fade or alter their tattoos, and/or remove them altogether. We do this easily, with confidence, and with precision, because we use the Picoway laser by Syneron Candela. 

To dispel a common misconception, the PicoWay laser does not remove the ink itself. The laser pulverizes the too large ink molecules to very manageable particles, the tiniest in the industry in fact. It is your body that then takes these particles and removes them via your lymphatic system. So after your tattoo is faded and broken up, your body removes the ink, eventually, out of your body.

“Blow out” is the blurry, fuzzy appearance your tattoo has after years in your skin. Blow out is fairly easy and quick to remove. The moth is easy to swat away.

If your tattoo has the telltale signs of time, contact Unthink Inc and remove your old tired tattoo. Your tattoos aren’t permanent anymore.

Contact us today for a consultation.


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