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Tattoos: One person’s passé, another person’s present

Tattoos are a unique artistic expression of you and only you. What is old, or passé, to one person may be the tattoo of someone else’s dreams.

Case in point—our expert technician and founder Jim Trenholm recently had two Ajax clients with alike taste in tattoos. However, one was removing the design while the other was making way for it.

When one of Jim’s clients came to him looking to remove a Polynesian tribal tattoo, he was ready to make the removal process happen.

Soon after, a potential client inquired about fading some of his tattoos to create room for a similar tribal pattern. This story is not uncommon, however it displays a deeper message: the meanings of tattoos can drastically change over time. Something that was once important enough to be on our body forever can be suddenly no represent you.

In the case of tribal tattoos, there is always a deeper meaning behind the ink. These designs are usually quite large and expansive, and are used to express identity or personality through ancient images and motifs. For centuries these tattoos were used to indicate status, sexual maturity, genealogy and a person’s rank within their Polynesian society. When done traditionally with handheld tools, as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ink was, the tattoo process can take many hours. Thankfully, the removal process takes much less time.

If you’re looking to remove ink that you now regret, or make way for a more desirable design, the experts at Unthink Inc can help. With our advanced PicoWay laser, we can fade, alter or completely remove your unwanted tattoo in less time, with fewer treatments, minimal discomfort and minimized risk. With PicoWay you can achieve full clearance on a spectrum of tattoo inks, not just dark blue and black. This is both due to PicoWay’s superior speed and three wavelength capabilities.

Other tattoo removal technologies include only one or two wavelengths, and operate at a speed measured in nanoseconds (one billionth of a second). PicoWay utilizes a picosecond (one trillionth of a second) pulsation speed, as well as multiple wavelengths. No other tattoo removal technology can remove such a large array of ink colours in such a short period of time. Complete ink removal can be achieved in under a year, in as little as six sessions spaced six to eight weeks apart.

When getting a tattoo, that ink represents who you are at that certain time—not necessarily who you will become. If your tattoo no longer suits you, hold an unpleasant memory or simply isn’t what you were expecting, our advanced technology and expertise can help your passé tattoos to be a thing of the past and make way for the present.

To learn more about tattoo removal, fading or altering, click here to book your free consultation with our expert technician.

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