Our Technology: PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal


At Unthink Inc., we use the Syneron Candela advanced PicoWay Laser technology to safely remove tattoos in fewer treatments with minimal discomfort.

Why PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

PicoWay is the leading tattoo removal technology in Canada, trusted by thousands of skincare professionals across North America.

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, the PicoWay laser removes your unwanted ink in fewer treatments with less discomfort, providing better results with minimized risk. PicoWay laser delivers energy to the targeted area in very short, fast pulses, about 300-500 picoseconds at a time. To put that in perspective, one picosecond is one-trillionth of a second. These pulses shatter the targeted ink into pieces so tiny, the body can then eliminate them through its natural processes. With both fractional and non-fractional capabilities, the PicoWay laser now has three wavelengths for optimal results: 532nm, 785nm, and 1064nm. In the past, lasers were only able to deliver pulses measured in nanoseconds or one billionth of a second but because of PicoWay’s advanced picosecond technology and varied wavelengths, our clients get better results, faster and with less downtime.

How Does PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

To visualize the difference PicoWay can make, think of your tattoo removal as a rock that you’re trying to destroy. If we were to use a traditional tattoo removal laser that delivers pulses in nanoseconds, the rock would smash into pebbles, that would need to be smashed again and again until it turned to dust. This would take multiple treatments, and cause more pain due to the additional impact needed. With the PicoWay laser and it’s picosecond pulses, the rock turns to such tiny dust particles during each treatment. PicoWay’s advanced technology removes all colors and removes tattoos on all skin types. Even previously hard to treat mid-spectrum colors such as light blues and greens are easily treatable with the PicoWay 785nm wavelength.

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