Reasons For Tattoo Removal

A Closer Look At Why People Want Tattoos Removed, A Review of What We Have Seen

Over the years we have seen several people come in, needing or wanting tattoo removal. The reasons always vary, however, we do find that some of the questions have repeated themselves. One, in particular, is the reasons for tattoo removal. 

As such, we are going back down memory lane and reviewing some of our past articles that look at just that. 

If you have ever wondered, read on…

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Many Reasons for Tattoo Regret

Although the question usually starts off as “Why did you get that tattoo?”, it provokes some thought doesn’t it?

The many reasons why one person may think it’s a great idea to get inked can change over the years, in fact, as we grow we often change. We make new relationships, new career choices, or move paths and/or life views. As such, our tattoos may not fill that purpose anymore. 

Some of the most common reasons we have seen people get tattoos to include workplace reasons, or no longer being with their loved one, poor workmanship or being unsatisfied with the tattoo, fading, or even that the style needs to be changed. 

There really never is a wrong reason for it, and thankfully we have an easy solution. 

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Microblading or Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

There are a variety of reasons to remove either micro-blading or cosmetic tattoos. For the latter, the most common reason is to make way for more advanced, natural techniques that have come since tattooing. Other reasons may include poor handiwork; pigment changing colour or fading; the re-growth of natural hairs; wanting less commitment and more freedom for variety.

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Removal

We have seen this occur, not as often, but still a concern for many. It often is a result of tattooing the scalp to cover up the scarring that occurs after hair transplantation. The look over years may not be what you intended, and it is directly on your head. Most reasons people get SMP removal include: wanting to adjust the hairline (not having a sharp edge), the style has changed over the years, or the results are just not what was intended. 

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Colours Fade

Sometimes the reasons for wanting a tattoo removed is simply the colouring. Often with multi-coloured tattoos, the ink fades or needs to be touched up. The upwork can be a lot, especially as the years fade and the tattoo isn’t as exciting or special anymore. We have seen a lot of requests in the past for the removal of green and yellow tattoos. Once not very easy, our technology has made the removal of these tattoos possible now. 

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The PicoWay has made tattoo removal easier than ever. 

PicoWay also offers an ultra-fast pulsation speed that delivers energy pulses into the skin at a rate so fast it is measured in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second). Compared to the nanosecond (one billionth of a second) technology of Q-switched lasers, PicoWay’s speed is about 1000 times faster. Not only does this mean unwanted ink can be removed in less time, but it also minimizes discomfort and greatly reduces the risk of injury on all skin types. 


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